Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band + Case

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- 100% Brand New

- Custom designed to fit device perfectly

- Individualize your device with this unique item



- Material: Stainless Steel

- Width: 22mm

- Length: 184mm (with adapter)

- 2 Colors: Black, Silver

- Compatible with: iWatch 38mm & 42mm all models (Apple Watch & Sport & Edition Version)


How to use:

1. TO REMOVE THE LINK: Please use the "Round Shaped" end of the watch tool to push the "Pit" end of the pin (Or by the "Arrow" direction). If it is still hard to move the pin, hold the watch tool tightly by pointing it to the "Pit" end of the pin, and try to use a hammer or other tools alike to knock on the "Fork shaped" end of the watch tool, then the pin will be moved out. 

2. TO PUT ON THE LINK: Please put the pin into the link hole (mind the direction), and "PRESS" or "Knock on" it lightly by the middle part of the watch tool, until it is even. 


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